The NIEA is non-discriminatory, non -racial, non faith based and gender friendly institution open to anyone (within or outside the country) who wishes to join the membership either as an individual or as a corporate organization provided they meet the requirement of the institution. There are two classes of memberships:



The individual membership grades are sub-classified into the following grades:

  1. Fellowship Grade
  2. Honorary Fellowship Grade
  3. Corporate membership Grade
  4. Associate Membership Grade


The membership requirements are as follows:

  1. A degree in any field of Engineering from an accredited university
  2. Three years post certification experience by Council for the regulation of engineering in Nigeria (COREN)
  3. Complete our APPLICATION FROM (Click here)

Fellowship Grade

The fellowship grade is the highest faculty group of the institution and it is not based on application but by nomination and election by the Faculty of Fellows of the institution after certain requirements have been met and as shall be prescribed by them.

Corporate Grade

The corporate grade of the institute is either by direct application or by election. The election on this grade is from the associate membership for those who by reason of having never had previous experience in engineering audit and have to first pass the course in the training institute. The corporate member has a voting right at the annual general meeting and at elections. The election is done by the Grade Election Committee (GEC)

Associate Membership

Associate Membership Grade is by Application and the applicant has to undertake training at the institute as well as pass the basic examination to be admitted into the  associate membership of the Institution.

Corporate Firm Membership

Corporate organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, anti-corruption institutions, etc, are all open to corporate memberships.

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