To unfold and implant the essence of engineering systems audit in the country as integral control system in the management of engineering systems and promote awareness in engineering system audit through public lectures, conferences and advertorials in respect of checkmating corruption in our national life through auditing of project design, construction, commissioning, installation, maintenance management, power stations etc with a view of uphold standards and promoting international best practice. To visit institution and give talks on high ethical standards of professional practice in Nigeria.

It is important to note that Engineering System Audit is a sphere of application of engineering as a tool in management to define management interactive inputs and outcomes while ensuring international best practice. The engineering auditor is first an engineer and by reason of the fact that the engineer has been trained to carry out auditing functions, such is termed an engineering auditor.


The Objectives statements of NIEA are two folds:

To promote the practice of Engineering Audit by practicing registered engineers through certification of the Institute in Nigeria as it is done in other climes.

To promote and enhance the education and training of registered engineers in the field of Engineering Audit to certification level.

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